I possess expert knowledge covering Information Management, Business Innovation, and Systems Engineering. Customers are private and public organizations of all sizes.

The ability to combine a blend of relevant theory and practical experience with the ideas and resources of my clients, set me apart from most other consultancies.

Through any process I work with my customers, not just for them - in achieving long-term success.

It is this combination of experience and formal skills, together with my intellectual curiosity, that makes the good work.

Being a free agent gives me the best terms to repeatedly gain updated information/knowledge about market trends and the ability to keeping up front in the matter of accomplish solutions based on best practice.

My effort is to equip you as a project or task force leader with the hands-on skills and experience required to anticipate and prepare for the essential challenges that your project is confronting you with.

I am providing strategic project management consultancy, and offer assistance with implementation of project tools and techniques. I wish to be your preferred partner when it comes to managing projects i.e. developing and running a Project Office including Programme and Project Managing.

My aim is to support my customers in developing their activities, using knowledge and experience derived from my research and practical work. Most of my assignments concern business development, management control and personal leadership.

I am continuously improving my competences and concepts - based on many years of experience with Project Management and a close co-operation with different companies, I can assure that my solutions work in theory as well as in practice.

Key attributes

  • Creative - Innovative
  • Enabler - Facilitator - Coordinator.
  • Committed to quality - dedicated to deadlines.
  • Structured approach to complex challenges.
  • Experienced executive level advisor on key management issues.
  • Direct customer contact at executive level.
  • Expert in Component Based Development, Web-enabling and platform agnostic development for mainframe environments or decentralised systems.
  • Detailed knowledge of hardware and application software used in both the banking and insurance industries.
  • Developer of business plans for key/new business areas.
  • Lecturer in structured programming: analysis - specification - design - programming - testing.
  • Extensive toolbox covering system development methodologies
  • Thorough knowledge of most programming languages, software applications and protocols.

A Dreamer...
    in motion is an
    with a plan is an
    with proven know-how and purpose becomes a


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