Just as I have always been fascinated by the intersection of people and IT, I still am. I want to be part of a collaboration where my experience is being challenged meanwhile I am continiously learning new things.

For many years I have worked as a freelance project manager where tasks have been at all levels and spread to widely branched industries. Although the focal point in most cases has been IT, my business professional insight has been requested just as often as my technical skills were demanded.

My tasks have been to drive projects forward, sometimes with traditional project management methods with the allocated development resources (on-site + off shore). However, it has been done with great user involvement to provide insight into possible solutions, so whatever negotiations took place and decisions were made with all risks uncovered.

At other times, I have acted in an agile environment where I have had to nurture a wealth of parallel sprints, while at the same time making sure that everyone was working towards the common goal. The development of solutions that could emerge with precision, be robust and of course meet current needs has only been possible by ensuring full engagement and involvement of both users and business representatives.

Regardless of the project method, each solution has been created through a series of iterations with prototypes, where all participants and other stakeholders could continuously act on an enlightened basis - from start to finish throughout the organizational implementation.

Furthermore, these projects, which for many have stretched for several years, have been spiced up with quality assurance tasks, which have given me a unique opportunity to get even closer to the customers and the issues that matters to the business.

Often the responsibility for quality assurance has evolved, so I had to stand up with equal parts of technical and business insight, to make the requirements and the solution match each other.

At the same time, I would also like to engage in dialogue with the individual project, either the developers to better connect the solution with existing functionality, or with the external suppliers to support with plans and delivery rate.

I have a lot of experience keeping the mood high while the project stays on track, even when it is close to dead-line. My insight into strategic, political and / or organizational decision-making is deep and at the other end of the spectrum, I may be involved in solving the most nerdy programming.

In parallel with the many other exciting things, I have always had a thread for teaching, for example in various project management methods, system development methods, data processing and several programming languages.

The essence of this is in-depth knowledge of a wide range of both programming languages and system development methods, all rounded off with a very special insight into performance tuning, BI strategies, deepening in life insurance cores, as well as insight into dump and debugging.

This has all happened in the overhaul, where platform architectures, mainframe systems, clustered Intel platforms, network topologies, system architectures such as SOA and component-based system development across multiple platforms have been in play.

In general, my competencies to convey are significant when it comes to transforming abstract challenges into something concrete and manageable - and although I am perceived as an expert in many areas, I have never been isolated with my knowledge - just as I have strived to use my insight to bridge the many (other) professional experts among colleagues and customers.

Fundamentally, I believe in good communication with people around me in order to always create great visibility and motivate for collaboration. I have a smooth approach to all tasks and would like to ensure that the present problem complex is fully understood before going into 'solution mode'. I am looking for decisions to make the feasible possible - system delivered on time, rather than the perfect system to late.

Usually, I easily slip into the organization I am invited to - and I quickly become a participant. I like other people and other people usually like me too. I set the bar high to myself and when I do it to colleagues and others, it is always with a helping hand - for many years to come.

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