Finn Lund, IPMA certificated senior project manager

Finn Lund, IPMA certificated senior project manager

Just when human qualifications are blended with professional expertise, complementary skills will become the driving elements in an organization evolving by continuous learning, innovation and improvement.

Such I have been collaborating with decision makers, function managers and other active leaders through-out companies and organizations for many years, and I have seen many great solutions - and even more mistakes.

Reorganizing systems often runs for very long time, and it is rarely an option just going back to square one - and simply starting over.
With short sprints and multiple iterations, you will be able to succeed in maintaining a balance between requirements, deliveries, and what is expected all the way until the organizational implementation.

I know the project manager toolbox by heart and with great business insight and detailed knowledge of IT systems, I can bring whatever abstract to a manageable level having it explained for all to understand

The lessons learned must be collected and re-used in a continuous process, as well as new findings should be worked-in in order to have it all institutionalized. Having best practices fully incorporated makes it easier for new members to adopt the practice deposited in action plans, processes, models, forums, etc.

Nobody ever
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  I believe that the full potential of an organization just can get realized when its employees are able to develop personally, get involved and gain ownership - which is best done on a common set of values in a culture based on trust, commitment and cooperation.

By coaching, having the necessary management tools in hand, awareness of the team dynamics, and finally by facilitating the decision-making process, I can scoop up professional competence and make the difference that matters.

My mission is to reconcile the business goals with the IT system's abilities to achieve the best solution possible - just in time rather than doing perfect, but too late.

Experience is something
you do not get until
after you need it

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